Jennifer Murrey

Music and Theater Teacher

“The glory of God is man fully alive.”
-St. Irenaeus


As theater director and part time music director for Canongate, Jennifer’s days are filled with directing. Whether at her home, Ovenbird Farm, where she and her husband are raising and teaching a family of 8 children, or at the Cradle of Forestry or her local parish leading theatrical and musical productions, or at Canongate bringing the joy and beauty of the arts to students, Jennifer strives to be, in the words of John Senior, “born in wonder.”

Jennifer has a love of language and culture, music and drama, and of performance and the arts that imbues all she does, whether a play with the entire student body or a culinary experience for family and friends. She believes that the performing arts are a perfect medium for bringing the joy of wonder and Faith to students and to the current culture.

Thankful for her home in the Carolina mountains, Jennifer encourages community and a sense of place through music and theater, and especially through our shared Catholic heritage and the beauty of the Mass. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.


  • B.A. in French, from UNC-Asheville
  • Further Studies in Vocal and Cello Performance, George Mason University