Adam Melton

Assistant Principal and Theology Teacher


Having always loved the “how” of things, Adam started his higher education career in aerospace engineering, math, and physics. But soon after beginning his Christian journey, he switched his sights to questions of “why”, finishing his undergraduate degree with a major in philosophy.

Adam then pursued studies in theology from Duke Divinity School, graduating summa cum laude in 2018. Adam’s thesis was a study in liturgical theology through the lens of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. He especially enjoys thinking and reading about liturgical & sacramental theology, political theology, and theological anthropology. 

Adam is married with two daughters and has lived in Western North Carolina since 2020. He returned to the full communion of the Catholic Church in 2016. Adam enjoys reading, gardening, aviation, outdoor activities, cooking, and lively discussion. He often laments that his own primary & secondary education pales in comparison to what the students at Canongate receive.  





  • B.A. in Philosophy from Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Master of Theological Studies from Duke Divinity School